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JAZZ: Emphasizes stylized movement to music while developing rhythm and creativity.
ATTIRE: Leotards, tights or jazz pants. Black jazz shoes.

LYRICAL: Dance forms that use the body as a means of communication though movement.
ATTIRE: Same as jazz. Bare feet or dance paws.

TAP: High-energy class that uses intricate footwork to create various rhythms.
ATTIRE: Same as Jazz. Black tap shoes.

HIP-HOP: Contemporary or street styled jazz similar to popular video choreography.
ATTIRE: Comfortable street wear. Tennis shoes.

DRILL: Prepares students for drill team.
ATTIRE: Leotards, tights or jazz pants. Black jazz shoes.

PRE-K COMBO CLASSES: (3-6yrs) Incorporates fine motor skills for toddlers and begins the basics of ballet and tap.
ATTIRE: Tights and leotard. Ballet slippers and black tap shoes.

BALLET/TECHNIQUE:  Meticulous attention to technical detail make it invaluable for any dancer. Combines proper alignment and body placement, seamless transitions through standard positions in a sense of timing, trains dancers to be clean versatile performers.
ATTIRE: Tights and leotard.  Bare foot, ballet slippers, or dance paws.  Hair in bun.

POINTE: Advanced ballet training incorporating dancing en Pointe.
ATTIRE: Tights and leotard.  ballet slippers, Pointe shoes (talk to instructor about proper fitting)

MODERN/CONTEMPORARY: An organic style of dance using a very pedestrian way of movement.
ATTIRE: Leotards, tights or jazz pants. Bare feet.

STRETCH/LEAPS & TURNS:  These classes are designed to help enhance the dancers flexibility, strength, stamina, balance, control, jumps, turns, and height.
ATTIRE: Leotards, tights or jazz pants. Black jazz shoes.

ZUMBA:  A dance fitness class that uses a fusion of Latin and International music to create a dynamic, exciting, and effective fitness system.
ATTIRE: Workout Clothes and Tennis Shoes.  Also may want to bring Water and a Sweat Towel.