Bonnie Hotman-Pehl was born to dance!  She began dancing at the age of two and told her mom then, that she wanted to grow up and become a dance instructor.  In June of 2004, her dream came true when she opened the love of her life, ADC!  With over 25 years of training herself, Bonnie continues the lifelong pursuit of dancing.  Bonnie continues to push herself as a person, dancer, choreographer, and artist.  She teaches her students that they can always reach a little higher than before, and puts her own words of advice to work in her life as well.  That is why ADC will continue to grow and advance for years to come!
“Reach for the sky because even if you miss, you will still be among the STARS!”

Bonnie has led her students to winning results.  Choreography awards, scholarships, Best of Show, Judges Choice Awards, and High Cash awards are just a few of the works Bonnie has produced.  Also, 99% of ADC’s students have made drill team that tried out.  Along with this, she takes her company members on annual trip to New York to study and train.

Bonnie was lucky enough to have spent a summer in Italy where she had been accepted to be a part of the International Dance Meeting where she studied, trained, and preformed with the world’s most renowned choreographers, artist, and dancers. Bonnie has shared the stage with many other incredible professional who have paved the new way for dance today.
She is very proud of her newest addition to her dance family– THE Collective, a professional company, committed to giving back to the community.  Just this year alone THE Collective helped raise over $20,000!  Bonnie is thrilled to dance and perform as well as to continue to break boundaries with her innovative choreography.

With a passion for dance that she was born with and over 20 years experience, Bonnie strives to instill not only proper technique, and a dance education that will take her dancers anywhere they choose, but also a sense of self-respect, confidence, team work, and respect for fellow dancers, to every student.  “You’ve got to dance as if EVERYONE’s watching!”

Choreographed for drill teams, officers and captains for competition, Elementary and High School Musicals.
Many students under Bonnie’s direction have won scholarships including but not limited to:

The EDGE in LA
Broadway Dance Center in NY
Tremaine Dance
New York City Dance Alliance
Co. Dance
Encore Performing Arts
Tulsa Ballet Co
Dance withthe Force in LA
Jump convention
Talent on Parade
The Pulse
Monsters of Hip-Hop
Alvin Ailey in NYC
SMU University
Other Various Universities

Majority of students made including but not limited to:

High School Drill Team
College Dance Teams
University Dance Scholarships
Professional Dance Companies

“Dance is an art in which the stage is our canvas and the body is our paintbrush. It is always changing, and is always beautiful. It allows us to use every emotion and speak with an audience to make them feel what the movement is saying. Dance builds confidence, teaches self-discipline, and shows us how to respect one another and the art.” – Bonnie Hotman-Pehl


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