Miss Debbie, or better know as “Mooshie”, is the most amazing dance mom you will ever meet! Mom to owner, Bonnie Hotman Pehl, Miss Debbie has dedicated her life to living behind the scenes. Doing the dirty work, Miss Debbie is always there doing whatever is needed to make ADC run smoothly. The heartbeat of ADC, Miss Debbie is an irreplaceable member who literally eats, sleeps, and breathes ADC! From running errands, stocking the vending machine, cleaning toilets, making phone calls, running registration, ordering back drops, setting concert dates, managing payroll, spending time with parents, making arrangements for children, all the way to just loving on students before and after class, Miss Debbie’s work is never done and is the real reason ADC is so great. A former stock broker for over 29years, Miss Debbie brings a fierce mind and phenomenal work ethic. She is now retired and focused solely on spending time loving on her many grand kids, helping moms and students at ADC, and being Bonnie’s right hand WOman! There is no doubt that ADC is blessed beyond measure to have “Mooshie” on our team. Those of you who are lucky enough to have spent time with her know, Miss Debbie is one of a kind and just all around, the best!