Hanna Maynard is thrilled to begin teaching the little ones of ADC. She is a Special Education Major where she is hopeful to teach elementary special education and eventually receive her masters in behavioral analysis. Hanna currently teaches a special needs Sunday school class at Green Acres Baptist Church as well as leading the youth worship at Marvin Methodist. Along with this, she is fluent in sign language giving her the special opportunity to allow children of the deaf community the chance to experience dance in a whole new way . Hanna is not new to ADC, she has been dancing with us for the past several years. During high school, Hanna was REL’s school mascot spreading joy and team spirit everywhere. She is bringing that same enthusiasm to Artistic Dance Concepts. Ms. Maynard has a passion for dance and an even bigger passion for children which is exactly she is not only going to fit in as an ADC instructor, but she will be an invaluable one. Come see Miss Hanna in action and find out which classes are hers- I know you and your little ones will fall in love with just like we have!



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