Molly Wolf is thrilled to bring with her over 22 years of expertise to the ADC family. Molly is originally from Tyler, where is is a wife and mom to 2 beautiful children, Luke and ADC’s very own Lucy! For the past 22 years, Molly has been an certified personal trainer, 19 of those years she has been a certified Pilates instructor, and 12 as a certified group fitness instructor . Trained in Dallas at Cooper Institute, Glenn Studio/ Goodbody’s, and SCW Fitness, Miss Molly is the perfect addition to the ADC family. She will be giving the older company girls classes specific to help them strengthen and lengthen their muscles, as well as tone and focus their cores. If you have ever had the opportunity to take one of Molly’s classes, then you will now just how lucky our dancers are to have the amazing opportunity to work with such a fierce and knowledgeable instructor. Miss Molly’s precious personality, sweet demeanor, and uplifting spirit, create an environment that allows anyone and everyone to suppress their own potential. Help us all welcome Molly to the ADC family and company girls, get ready!