THE Collective is a dance company dedicated to putting on incredible shows in order to raise money for local causes.  Each show will be put on in order to raise as much money as possible and will be dedicated to a different local cause, local family, organizations, clubs, etc.  We plan on putting on at least 2 shows a year,  Fall and Spring!

For our first solo show- these amazing dancers have decided to pick a local family struggling with the physical, mental, and financial burdens of Cancer.  The father of this family has 6 children (1-12yrs) and was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2012.  Our show is coming up March 2 at the Liberty on the square.  Tickets go on sale NOW!  Our goal for our 1st show is to raise $10,000!  Please help us help this family that could use a breath of fresh air.  Never give up because TOGETHER HOPE EXISTS!

THE Collective is made up of some of the most passionate, amazing dancers dedicated to helping others while sharing the art of dance.  This unique company works hard every week for FREE- and give EVERYTHING back.  Not one member of THE Collective accepts payment for what they do and the long hours they put in, instead they give everything raised directly to the local cause we are supporting.  This is such an amazing company with some of the greatest people in the world as members.  Come see our upcoming show March 2, 2013 at The Liberty 7pm.  Tickets on sale NOW.  All money raised from this show will go directly to the family struggling with cancer.  Never give up because TOGETHER HOPE EXISTS!

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